Rite of Passage


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  1. Fine shot, Hanne. This is pretty close to Jökulsárlón glacier lake; did you make it this time?

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    • Thank you Harrie!
      I did! For me though, some of the magic fades when too many people are walking there. There was another little place before it, with fewer people that touched me more.
      I got to drive all around Iceland and into many Fjodurs,… Just me and the road, and for a few days two wonderful hitch-hikers crossed my path. Next time, I’d love to have a 4WD and make it inland too, to the really wild and remote places.
      I have to say, so much of Iceland is too majestic to be captured. I drove through places that was so stunning I couldn’t even pull out my camera 🙂


  2. F.G.M. says:

    Amazing contrast… thank you Hanne!

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  3. Wish I was there. Such a beauty.

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    • You will love it there, it’s Iceland. Many similarities to Ireland, the feel of it. I’m so at home there too. I camped very close to this waterfall, so fell asleep to its thunder. We like that too 🙂


  4. Cnawan Fahey says:

    Beautiful!!! And, just passing along a grandmother’s request for “Hellos” from far away places for her grandchildren- see her post here:


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