'Ah, sure'

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'Ah, sure'

“Ah, Sure”

  A closer look… (see previous blogpost)

'Open Spaces'

Though Far Away, Always Near

Kindred Spirit (V)

Kindred Spirit (IV)

Kindred Spirit (III)

Kindred Spirit (II)

Kindred Spirit (I)

Abstraction of Light (VI)

Abstraction of Light (V)

  Abstraction of Light Love; a force to be reckoned Peace the only way ~

Abstraction of Light (IV)

Abstraction of Light (III)

Attentive Muse

  In respond to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

I See You Still

Enveloped in Presence (II)

  and shy curiosity…   Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

Enveloped in Presence (I)

  How often do we stop And give life Our full attention How often are we present To the mystery Of another How often do we listen To the silence of being That lives within How often do we let Open curiosity Lead the unknown way How often do we

Gazing Into the Distance (II)

Gazing Into the Distance (I)

  A gentle wind Blows within The spirit of the horse A mystical force Ready to defend A sensitive friend At home in the mists Here unknown realms exist Gazing into the distance Penetrating existence The sound of galloping hooves To a shamans drum it moves Light shines in its


Recognition (II)

Recognition (I)

The Land of Horses (III)

  (Please click on original to see all three photos on their own)   Weekly photo challenge: Rule of Thirds

The Land of Horses (II)

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