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The Land of Horses (I)



Running Free

  Running Free Living Life’s symphony ~

Window to the Soul…

Trilogy III: Running Free on Whirling Winds

  He raised his head it was time to let go looking at me knowingly fading into the light returning to the eternal fields of green his spirit running free on whirling winds leaving behind a healing heart echoing the soundless beat of galloping hooves   Epilogue: I have passed

Trilogy II: There Must be More to This World

  Time cracked open and gave way to remembrance of a long lost past whispering a true tale of love and friendship between a horse and a child As a steel grey Pegasus he had carried her through the endless dark forest of a lost childhood defeating a secret world

Trilogy I: Cave of Wild Horses

  Underneath the Cave of Wild Horses I met once A Burren Horse infinite depth in his eyes beckoning me to stay to be still and listen to what he had to say  

Burren Horses (III)


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