Trilogy I: Cave of Wild Horses

The calm eye of a horse

one last look


the Cave of Wild Horses
I met once
A Burren Horse
infinite depth in his eyes
beckoning me to stay
to be still and listen
to what he had to say


13 Replies to “Trilogy I: Cave of Wild Horses”

  1. Beautifully matched.


  2. seeker says:

    How close were you with that horse?


  3. Harrie says:

    For heaven’s sake get yourself a better camera, Hanne, because this one can’t handle your talent. (… if I may say so… For the best small camera of the moment read this user-review – – of a very good friend of mine (but it’s expensive and you can’t zoom…)) Cheers, harrie.


    • Harrie, you may indeed say so, it’s a very fine compliment, thank you! And you’ll then be please to know that my camera has broken down and I’m on the outlook for something new, I knew the time was coming anyway to ‘upgrade’. (please bear with me though, there will be posted plenty of ‘old’ photos still, it’s all I have) I’ll have a look at your link, thanks a mill for this, however, I’m not sure if there is no zoom. On the other hand, I am looking for something really simple (don’t like to carry too heavy a gear with me) so, please should you have other recommendations I will appreciate it very much! What I have now is an old little nikon and I’ve been truly grateful for the work it’s done for me sup till this point…


  4. Harrie says:

    If you want to keep it small look at the SONY RX100; or a little bigger, the Canon Powershot G15. Both have a sensor that is a bit larger than the average compacts, which leads to better quality photo’s. A level up are Micro four thirds, or SONY NEX camera’s (also on my friends review page) with interchangeable lenses. But then you’ll have to find yourself a good all-round lens, as you probably don’t want to travel around with several specific lenses. And changing lenses in a windy dessert isn’t the best thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!


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