Trilogy II: There Must be More to This World

We meet again

Friendship sealed in the sun

A homecoming of the soul

it is love


Time cracked open
and gave way
to remembrance
of a long lost past
a true tale
of love
and friendship
between a horse
and a child

As a steel grey Pegasus
he had carried her
through the endless
dark forest
of a lost childhood
defeating a secret
world of loneliness
with poetic wings
stroking her desolate heart
and wounded soul

riding into the night
lying on his back
looking up
at the moon
only 12 summers old;
there must be more
to this world

Through a Burren horse
carved in his image
they met again
She, once a child
now a woman
following the spirit
of his Arabian ancestors
wandering free
on desert winds
quietly living
the more
of this world



  1. paranoiasnfm says:

    Lovelly! ❀


  2. Harrie says:

    Hi, Hanne. If I had taken these, they would go into the map ‘Essence’, titled ‘Intimacy’. Very fine shots!


  3. We need at least one being that helps us through the darkness…. how lovely that the horse led the way!


  4. seeker says:

    Wow, nose to nose. Is that one of the free roaming horses at the Burren? And the poem to go with it, just exquisite.


  5. Hanne, this is beautiful. You conveyed your thoughts so well. The poem is perfect.


    • Malcolm, coming from you who are so well read in poetry, a humble thank you. It was a beautiful moment for me and the poem speaks everything that went through me this day and have since wanted to honor it (and my old friend) It brings out a quiet smile that I could share it and the the moment came through in this space too…


  6. I’ve wondered at your photographic eye and now bow to your poetry! Simply stunning!!
    A photographer friend took some similar pics. I am going to send her to you and you her.


    • Many thanks, it matters a lot, coming from a writer like you, incredible encouraging… wow. It’s fairly new to me words allowing themselves to be lined up like that, somehow the photos help them being called out. On the trilogy, photo-credit goes to my right arm, it must have a secret eye πŸ˜‰ For years I wanted somehow to pay tribute to an old friend and beautiful memories… the moment came when I met this horse on a solitary walk… And. Good morning! πŸ™‚


      • The photo’s are powerful on their own, but now you have another side. I would be more than honoured, if you couldn’t be bothered to add words to any pics, trying my hand out any pictures. I’ve done some work in the past. Check out Beautiful friend. A beautiful piece by a blog friend called Wildersoul from New Zealand. That was a hard piece to write to! The artwork tells everything and I really didn’t want to undermine it’s beauty.
        And a Good Afternoon! lol


        • Just read it, Beautiful Friend… moving, really really moving. I’m amazed how you do it, how you so effortless seem to ‘get out of the way’ and allow the words to flow… so beautiful and with much in between the lines, where the power of any story truly lives… Followed her site. Thank you so much for pointing me there. Her work has such profound simplicity, depth and elegant sensitivity… and I always resonate with spirals, hardly can’t make a drawing without them sneaking in one way or the other πŸ™‚

          Are you asking me, if I would try and write to a photo/image you send? I would be thrilled and scared out of my wits (not that I claim to have any)… you wrote there is always the fear and dilemma of paying it justice by adding to it, not subtracting… it’s a delicate walk on the edge of Excalibur… I’ve spend years on immensely beautiful moments before I found a way, or it found me, to pay them proper respect. One of them is under menu: Poetry called A Simple Song, the story tells it all, I believe.. By Merlin, I’m glad I your blog found me!!! And. Good afternoon yourself πŸ˜€


    • looking at her photos now, love the Golden and Aglow! Thank you for sending me the link.


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