Trilogy II: There Must be More to This World

We meet again

Friendship sealed in the sun

A homecoming of the soul

it is love


Time cracked open
and gave way
to remembrance
of a long lost past
a true tale
of love
and friendship
between a horse
and a child

As a steel grey Pegasus
he had carried her
through the endless
dark forest
of a lost childhood
defeating a secret
world of loneliness
with poetic wings
stroking her desolate heart
and wounded soul

riding into the night
lying on his back
looking up
at the moon
only 12 summers old;
there must be more
to this world

Through a Burren horse
carved in his image
they met again
She, once a child
now a woman
following the spirit
of his Arabian ancestors
wandering free
on desert winds
quietly living
the more
of this world


14 Replies to “Trilogy II: There Must be More to This World”

  1. Harrie says:

    Hi, Hanne. If I had taken these, they would go into the map ‘Essence’, titled ‘Intimacy’. Very fine shots!


  2. cd1972 says:

    Very nice


  3. We need at least one being that helps us through the darkness…. how lovely that the horse led the way!


  4. seeker says:

    Wow, nose to nose. Is that one of the free roaming horses at the Burren? And the poem to go with it, just exquisite.


  5. Hanne, this is beautiful. You conveyed your thoughts so well. The poem is perfect.


    • Malcolm, coming from you who are so well read in poetry, a humble thank you. It was a beautiful moment for me and the poem speaks everything that went through me this day and have since wanted to honor it (and my old friend) It brings out a quiet smile that I could share it and the the moment came through in this space too…


  6. with an elf’s ear… it might be quite wise of you 😉


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