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My Friend The Winged One – After Its First Storm

It had stopped raining. The summer storm had settled too. And my little young friend the winged one with the big courageous heart flies over and says hello before settling on a branch, all buffed up and starts twittering without catching its breath between each note, telling me all about

'Ah, sure'

“Ah, Sure”

  A closer look… (see previous blogpost)

Keeping An Ear On Things

Gentle Awareness

Traces Of Time

Hiding… almost.

'King Of The Burren Goats'

Wild Goats Of The Burren #3

The last photographs from a mesmerising day surrounded by these wild goats of the Burren and in particular this male intrigued and impressed me and still does as I look at the photographs now. Such presence, such strong expressions…

Wild Goats Of The Burren #1

If there’s one thing I love as much as capturing wild seascapes it is to look into the eyes of animals, tame or wild and see if I can capture a little snippet of their nature and animal spirit through my lens… I met this herd of wild goats on

Got it!

I See

  I See Right through You  

Inside I

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Companionable (I)

Any stranger can turn into a companion (and sometimes they sprint too… 😉 High Five!   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Trilogy II: There Must be More to This World

  Time cracked open and gave way to remembrance of a long lost past whispering a true tale of love and friendship between a horse and a child As a steel grey Pegasus he had carried her through the endless dark forest of a lost childhood defeating a secret world

Trilogy I: Cave of Wild Horses

  Underneath the Cave of Wild Horses I met once A Burren Horse infinite depth in his eyes beckoning me to stay to be still and listen to what he had to say  

Curious as an Irish Cow

Hi Folks, curious as an Irish cow towards life, but mostly right now just to see what a photo blog will look like…  

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