I See

Her Ladyship


I See
Right through


16 Replies to “I See”

  1. Thank you! I think her name Her Ladyship suits her, don’t you? 🙂


    • Yes, she found me 🙂 Quite a little magical story in fact… just the way we like them 🙂


      • well… 🙂 I had for a little while had a sense of a cat would be lovely to have around and even more so, symbolically it was for me a remark of ‘being at home’. So one late evening at sunset I stand outside the house looking over the Atlantic and speak out loud; “you can find me now!” Next morning, first person I meet, asks without even taking the time to say hello; “do you want a cat?!” She was found by the river the evening before. Approx 4 months old. As I collected her, she quietly sat in the car, full of trust…


        • It’s a sweet little story 🙂 I’m sharing a house with a friend, so he’s looking after her when I’m gone. That’s the great thing about cat’s they are so independent… for some reason suits me well. Go figure! lol!!

          I have a problem with the Merlin story; I find it hard to wait for the next part to come along… I love it!


          • aawww back at ya, thank you…. I have so many stories of this kind, where life seems to work in extraordinary wondrous ways, I just never really get around to write them down. I have tried, but somehow they become too ‘flat’. I hear it so often; “you should write a book about your life” Maybe someday… !

            That’s so great, you all smiley!!! i can imagine, you must be a walking encyclopedia on Hitler by now…

            Not really planning. I think most is happening in Ireland this year. Perhaps Iceland, if I can make a concert happen there this summer. And looked at flights to London a few days ago… see, I think I’m not going anywhere and then when replying I realize I’m actually looking at places without almost noticing…. lol!!!


            • That’s really a warm compliment, now I’m all smiley too. I sure hope the words will find there way. It might start with a photo/poetry book with small stories in between. A graphic designer already asked if I was interested in her making it, after I had 5 pages published in a book she worked on….

              Glastonbury, you playing?
              Sounds amazing 8 months around the uk, so want to explore that ancient land more. Particularly after I read the Boudica books by Manda Scott.

              Nearest city (town) is Galway, closer is Ennis, airport Shannon. I live in Doolin, Co. Clare; capital of Irish music and madness 🙂

              Iceland; organizing a concert for an Irish musician and friend. Did his Clare Cafe Tour last year, looking into Kerry Cafe Tour this year…


              • I was based in London for 3 years and I just love the feel of UK. You’ll show me around?! That would be terrific!

                Have a good nights sleep and let Gheras and his blessed socks work on that bug!!
                sending email


        • are you happy with the Merlin story yourself?


          • That’s fantastic! And good on you cheating, a very very good move, cheating has its place after all 🙂 I like that ancient soft-hearted in a grumpy disguise – wizard a lot too!


            • Quite a charmer indeed, we like! Please tell him, I would love to have his company along the wild shores and swap stories (I’m sure he’ll make me laugh a lot) and then afterwards go for a single malt (no ice of course) to a local pub whilst listening to haunting Irish tunes…


  2. F.G.M. says:

    I love this one, for some reasons… Hanne, c’est super! Merci encore! Frédéric


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