Be Real



Don’t be perfect
Be real


WPC: Object


20 Replies to “Be Real”

  1. Oh I love this post…the photo is wonderful and begs so many questions….and the words are full of wisdom.
    I always love getting your posts in my reader 🙂


    • aawwww, you are always so kind in your comments! Thank you so much! And yes, I agree re the photo, it was interesting to find the chair just standing, made me curious. Hence the proverb… perfectionism doesn’t call for much curiosity… 🙂


  2. Tina Schell says:

    So the question is, did you PUT the chair there, or was it left by some anonymous donor?! Great choice!


    • Thank you! I was simply walking the beach a cold and crystal clear late afternoon and there was the chair; it called out such curiosity in me! (I didn’t even touch it. I never arrange things for photos, all I do is to bring my camera wherever I wander about and find something that moves me or intrigues me and then decide upon the perspective from where I sense I can transfer the moment 🙂


  3. Wonderful photo! For me, it definitely makes a statement about the passing of time. I also find the contrast of the color palette appealing.
    — earl


    • Earl, thank you much! yes, it’s an interesting chair can’t help wondering what stories it holds. The passing of time and still there is such dignity about it… It was a beautiful evening the way only frost and winter can bring out the colors and contrasts.


  4. Good shot, Hanne! I like the contrast.


  5. suej says:

    Great find!


  6. paranoiasnfm says:

    Beautiful composition!


  7. F.G.M. says:

    Hanne! That’s great!

    Ne soyez pas parfaits
    Soyez vrais


    How wise and deep! I’m looking forward to your next posts 🙂

    Take care

    (I’m glad you’re learning french – je suis heureux que tu apprennes le français. Alors, c’est l’occasion de te redire comme je trouve ton travail formidable, tes photographies, tes poèmes et profondes paroles de sagesse. Merci pour partager tous ces précieux trésors avec les visiteurs de ton blog. A bientôt 🙂


    • Frédéric thank you as always for taking your time to go through older posts and for your immensely kind comments! I’ll be back posting soon… I hope 🙂 It’s very quiet inside for the time being, I have nothing to say really, at the moment, and it can’t be forced. The words has to chose me… I kind of like it that way 🙂
      Have a great day!


  8. myriorama says:

    This made me smile. What a great image; what a great pairing of image and words. The way one of the chair’s legs is off the ground makes it seem animate, as if it is hopping from one leg to another, thinking about making a dash into the sea. Or perhaps it seats an invisible presence (who if we could only see him or her would be as nobly dishevelled as the chair), leaning back a little and to the left to take in everything that can be seen – everything you convey in this wonderful photograph.


    • I’m so happy it made you smile. It made me smile too, when I saw the chair just sitting there, as if it had just popped out of the blue and landed, even surprising for itself, on a cold winter beach. Perhaps you are right, it came with an invisible presence. I truly love that image of it. Thank you so much for letting me see this photo with new and deeper and even more smiling eyes.


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