Tag: otherworldly

Dragon of the Sea

  Dragon of the sea veiled in deep mystery once again you arise from the abyss of life traveling on ancient mists bringing your challenging gifts and intense life-changing shifts I welcome you my fierce friend touched by your presence again In another life during shifting tides I saw a

Trilogy III: Running Free on Whirling Winds

  He raised his head it was time to let go looking at me knowingly fading into the light returning to the eternal fields of green his spirit running free on whirling winds leaving behind a healing heart echoing the soundless beat of galloping hooves   Epilogue: I have passed

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape (III)

Diving deep disappearing if just for a short breathless moment Shock of cold Freedom from thoughts of old I see Nothing I sense Everything Touched by sea of worlds something changed resurfacing I was never quite the same Photo by C.C. with my camera, a shot of my first dive


Not long ago I all of a sudden found myself with a black pen in my hand. It was moving to it’s own rhythm over the paper, as if it was listening to a beat from another world and lines started forming themselves into strange images, landscapes and beings I

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