Masterpiece (II)

Mullaghmore, the Burren

a masterpiece
of subtle

from its
ancient core

your spirit’s
asking permission
to soar

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

17 Replies to “Masterpiece (II)”

  1. Very subtle, in colors and theme – the picture deepens as I study it more. Are those caves in that stone mountain? What strange beauty this place holds….


    • Yes, this place holds poetic beauty, you’ll have to be present, really present to see it. I’m happy you sense it. The story of the place is in my answer to a comment to the picture, please have a look if you are intrigued to do so 🙂


  2. Even without the picture and poem I would have fallen in love with the name Mullaghmore.


    • Yes, it has a magical sound to it, doesn’t it 🙂 And it has an incredible story too. The government wanted to build parking lots and an interpretation center at the bottom of Mullaghmore in 1994. An action-group of artists and locals fought against it. Not that they didn’t want people to go there, but they wished to preserve it as it is and for visitors to make the effort to walk there. 7 years they fought, it ended up in European Court and 7 people in the action-group put their very homes on stake, should they loose they would loose their homes too. And they won! Because the government had started building without permission. My friend singer songwriter Luka Bloom wrote one of the theme songs ‘Fertile Rock for “Saving Mullaghmore” back then. The Conductor of the Danish choir Østerbro Pigekor (btw we might head to San Francisco 😉 heard the song in my kitchen in 2011 and was moved to tears. She made an accapella version of it with new harmonies, and in 2012 the choir came to Ireland and sang the ‘Fertile Rock’ at the bottom of this poetic mountain that has inspired thousands of people throughout time; as Luka said to Marlene and the choir: “you brought the song home” (the sound is muffled because the only microphone is in his pocket and we had to remove the wind to hear the voices) it’s a beautiful reflection of the grace and gentle power of this place: I’ll love to show you the way to this place one day!


  3. Beautiful composition and color!


  4. Simon says:

    Great composition – nice shot!


  5. […] Click here for a little poem I wrote about Mullaghmore. […]


  6. Elina says:

    So beautiful! I really like your photography Hanne!


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