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The Heron of Mountains

Mullaghmore; a reflection of our inner natural state of being.

“Fertile Rock”

Sometimes all it takes is a song (and a camera)… and deep friendships. “Ah, the travels of songs. I love how some songs seem to grow mystical wings and find themselves landing in exotic places……….like Denmark. Fertile Rock comes from 1992, during a time when people gathered to protect a

'Winter Twilight'

Winter Twilight in the Burren

'Winter Web'

Winter in the Burren (II)

'Winter Still'

Winter in the Burren (I)

There Will Be Flowers (II)

At the foot of Mullaghmore, the Burren.

There Will Be Flowers (I)

At the foot of Mullaghmore, the Burren.

Mullaghmore Reflection III

  Mullaghmore A Dreamers door To myths and magic The great unknown Mystery’s invisible shore ~

A Small Reflection in the Grander Tapestry of Life

Blue Hour (IV)


Masterpiece (II)

Mullaghmore a masterpiece of subtle mysteries Calling gently from its ancient core Listen your spirit’s asking permission to soar In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

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