“Fertile Rock”

Sometimes all it takes is a song (and a camera)… and deep friendships.

“Ah, the travels of songs.
I love how some songs seem to grow mystical wings and find themselves landing in exotic places……….like Denmark.
Fertile Rock comes from 1992, during a time when people gathered to protect a sacred mountain in the Burren in County Clare.

Østerbro Pigekor have done something very special with this song.
They have created a beautiful interpretation, which literally brings me to the mountain when I hear them sing it.
Now they have created this gorgeous video.
And their video is a collage of flowing photographs.
These photographs are works of art, created by Hanne T. Fisker.
Hanne lives beside the Burren in county Clare now.
She photographs the Burren like nobody else.
Somehow she manages to take photographs with her heart.
And so the choir and Hanne become the perfect marriage of art and song.
I am so grateful to Marlene, Hanne and the wonderful young women of Østerbro Pigekor for this gift they have given to my song.” Luka Bloom

My deepest gratitude to my dearest longtime friend Marlene for bringing this video into existence. The sound of her choir singing her arrangement of my friend Luka Bloom’s song from 1994 “Fertile Rock” and combine it with my photographs is a beautiful gift. Also thank you to Oxana Solé for her skills and patience at putting it all together.

6 Replies to ““Fertile Rock””

  1. Rob Taylor says:

    Well done….Beautiful music…..

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  2. Tish Farrell says:

    Stunning – in song and through lens, Hanne.

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