White Wolf

The Wolf


White wolf
a mystic
in a silvery coat
vibrating notes
sounding deep
in its throat
carried by storms
over roaring seas
reaching closed hearts
quietly longing
to be free

White wolf
by your side
enveloped in mystery
yet nothing to hide
at one with the moon
and its inner solitude
a gateway
to its soul
its rhythm
and its part
in the whole



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6 Replies to “White Wolf”

  1. I can’t see him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t there! What force of Nature here…


  2. I saw the ears in that area….that’s a start, right 🙂 But I don’t want to be overly conrete… just re-read your poem, which is lovely. I am reminded of animals as medicine or totems. Ted Andrews in “Animal-Speak” describes wolf as “the epitome of the wild spirit….of the free and unspoiled wilderness. This wild-wave picture definitely incarnates that spirit!


  3. Strong teeth! 🙂


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