The Path (a remake of an old-ish photograph)

Israel 2012-107

There are times, we know the path
Yet dare not walk it.
Other times we don’t know the path
But walk it anyway.
At times there is no path
So, we create it, as we walk.
And then there are moments beyond time
Where the path dissolves
And in humble stillness, quiet vulnerability and fierce honesty
We grow wings
Soaring on timeless mysterious winds…


A remake of an old-ish photograph from my time wandering through the Negev and Arava desert for a couple of months in 2012. Perhaps I felt the warm breeze and the roar of the still and the peace of the wild from this place of profound solitude…

3 Replies to “The Path (a remake of an old-ish photograph)”

  1. So beautiful – especially “At times there is no path, so we create it as we walk” – thank you 🙂

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  2. Dina says:

    Beautiful work, Hanne!


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