On The Road

On the Road


On the road
Always moving
Towards tales untold


9 Replies to “On The Road”

  1. iosatel says:

    Just great!


    • It was a great feeling, felt it again as I was looking at the photo, I took it while driving, literally moving… like driving into a solitary nothingness that has ‘everythingness’ in it πŸ™‚
      2 min later from this shot, I picked up 2 hitch-hikers and they drove with me for a couple of days before our roads diverted into different directions. 3 days later, there they were again, on the road, going in the same direction for the rest of the day. Life is peculiar…

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  2. F.G.M. says:

    That’s Life! What a perfect definition of Life… great work, as ever… β™₯


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