A Saga Untold

Iceland Blue


A saga untold
About to unfold
Freedoms roar
Dragons soar

A völva’s gaze
Cutting through the haze
Golden snake uncurls
Protecting the Earth

Silent creation
No separation
The language of the elements
Spoken with eloquence

Mankind forgets
We are no-one, and yet…
A mystery; never born
Does the rose have a thorn?

16 Replies to “A Saga Untold”

  1. Ann- Charlotte Vindt. says:

    Jeg prøver også denne adresse.
    Hjertelig tillykke med fødselsdagen.
    Fra din far og A. C.


  2. My kind of landscape! Beautiful, Hanne.


  3. F.G.M. says:

    Stunning picture, stunning poem. The last verse/question is just beautiful 🙂


    • Frédérc, thank you much!
      The last line in the last verse so wrote itself that I was sitting looking at it puzzled and curious for a long time… poems can be like that, even take the writer by surprise 🙂
      Thank you for re-tweeting it too!


  4. paranoiasnfm says:

    Beautiful poewm…

    I stopped to appreciate this landscape…. so amazing… i have that will to explore all corner of that!!! 😀
    So beautiful!


  5. Primeval landscape puts a spell on me! I am especially drawn to these 2 lines in your poem: Silent creation/No separation.


  6. Stunning post…I love both the words and the image 🙂


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