Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Blow Your Heart Open (3)

I found this rock on one of my many walkabouts in a special place I absolutely love; The Burren in County Clare, Ireland. This ancient mystical place leaves no one unaffected! This particular photo has now turned into the symbol for a new project I am a part of; A Burren Call. It’s a call for hosting breakthrough conversations in the Burren, to allow the Burren to teach us to look beyond the individual and together honor life, each other and this incredible blue marble we call home. This is love to me.

5 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love”

  1. Wow, I love what you wrote here and of course the photo 🙂


  2. SeniSilat says:

    A great photo…


  3. It truly is a wonderful place. It was the words of one of its great writer’s that first brought me there. His passion for his home drew me to its rocky landscape and shores.
    John O’Donohue a poet, author and philosopher.
    A Burden Call sounds like a great project.

    ATB George.

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    • The Burren has that homecoming feeling about it and John O’donahue captures it’s hidden mystery and secrets so poetically in everything he wrote and the way it mirrors parts of our soul too.
      The Burren Call was a great project culminating in a climate gathering in 2013. I was grateful to be part of it. See your photographs down the line. Cheers /Hanne


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