The Elements Showing Off

A spectacular day on the Western Shores of Ireland…



For more photos of sea-explosion and wild Atlantic waves, please look under category “Cliffs & Sea Spray” below in the footer.


9 Replies to “The Elements Showing Off”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Stunning photo thatI looks like a painting, it is just amazing – however I just would ask the photographer to be very careful 🙂


    • It was one of the first photos I got of a sea explosion and it is still among my favorites. I was in awe when I came home and saw what I had captured. And yes, I was standing very close, on the edge in fact 🙂
      Very kind of you to ask me to be careful. I listen to my gut and to nature, if feel calm, I trust it. However, should I one day disappear, know I left free and happy, not the worst ways to leave, I’d say 🙂
      Thank you much again, for keep re-visiting my old posts! I will pop by your place soon! See you.


  2. myriorama says:

    Wow. It’s like fireworks made of water, or Pollock painting in the style of Turner (or Turner in the style of Pollock, I’m not sure which).


    • Wow back, that’s a humbling comparison, either way. Thank you so much, and for all your likes and visits to so many of my photos. I deeply hope you didn’t feel obliged to do it!


      • myriorama says:

        In no way was it an obligation, quite the opposite. You’ve got an incredible eye, for colour, composition, and the moment.


        • I’m thoroughly delighted you find it so. And your words are tremendously encouraging for me, thank you much. My sole attempt is to honor the moment I saw and even more sensed and hopefully make it transpire, somewhat untouched, hence I rarely have any human traces in them. Even when I occasionally bring my own words to a photo which often, but not always, appears to me to pour out of the picture when I look at it. It is always a balancing act, not to disturb or subtract from the image. I do know I fail this, possibly more often than not, yet I allow myself to play with it regardless, in this, for me, new field of expression.


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