Tag: haiku

Twilight (II)

  Sun rays dissolving Gliding into smooth darkness At home in the void ~

Twilight (I)

  Unconsciousness bursts In the twilight zone of dreams Point of no return ~

Abstraction of Light (XIII)

  Stillness in the storm Sea spray resting on my lens The dance of lightness ~

Abstraction of Light (XI)

  Abstraction of light A slight change in perspective Dizzying at first ~

Abstraction of Light (V)

  Abstraction of Light Love; a force to be reckoned Peace the only way ~

A Change in Perspective (I)

  The world upside down Sometimes it is all it takes Changing perspectives ~

The Road to Nowhere in Particular

  The Road to Nowhere Walking it every day I know it quite well ~

Curtain Fall (I)

  Last call, curtain fall Inevitability Something to Nothing ~

Curtain Fall (II)

  What’s hidden behind Is never to be revealed Transparency’s depths ~

Curtain Fall (III)

  Fragile morning dew Resting in the cradle hour Before creation ~

'No Religion'

Poets Marbles (IV)

  I’m a wanderer In my heart and in spirit Walking silent paths ~

Getting Away

  Myriad of thoughts One is getting away, just I wonder where to ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (IV)

  Follow me, she said And the Gods painted the sky I leaped into dreams ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (III)

  Fleeting empty thoughts And the Gods painted the sky Quiet clouds drifting ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (II)

  The Sun was shining And the Gods painted the sky The colours of Life ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (I)

  Something’s in the air And the Gods painted the sky With new waves to ride ~


  When nowhere to go Lean into the mystery Your inner stronghold ~


  Many paths to take Much appears to be at stake Only one rings true ~

Changing Horizons

  Changing horizons Clouds and streams moving through dreams Quiet light shines through ~

Off The Beaten Track

  A change in the wind Untapped life stirring within Off the beaten track ~

Many Shades of Blue

  Many shades of blue Each a link to what we know to be somewhat true ~

Dreaming and Drifting

  Dreaming and drifting Returning home to a place I had never left

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