Friendships in the Desert

Nahal Zin


Desert rescue
A tough cowboy came to my aid
The way of cowboys
Very few words are said
A true horse whisperer
With a quiet language of the few
A tender heart
That of morning dew
(don’t tell him I said that)
He brought me to a good hospital
In fact the best
For horses of course
Where I was treated by a kind young vet
With gentle hands
She cleaned my wounds
Right in front of me, a horse
Down it’s throat was a tube

Along this mans side
An angel walks
We took care of her goats
Having endless talks
We spoke of nothing
And everything in between
She’s a gentle soul
One of those rarely seen

I limped to another home
Here I stayed just as long
Healing my wounds
Before I could wander on

The man with intelligence high
We talked for days and days
Exploring our million differences
Intrigued by each others unusual ways
For research,
We chased weird animals at night
Hoping to catch
Maybe just a little sight
(we didn’t)
Through dry and golden landscapes
On horse-backs we went
A brown gelding and a white mare
Galloping through desert scents
The stories are many
Don’t even know where to begin
All I know
Oddly, we were like kin

His wife, a beautiful woman
Clear blue are her eyes
They’ve seen the depth
Of sunlight and darkness that follows life
Listening to stories
From deep within
Raindrops do fall
In Nahal Zin
She has a sincere appreciation for music
Within her lives a creative heart
Making pottery;
Stunning pieces of art
We walked a path together
To one of her favorite places
Sometimes it turns into a river
Flooding the open desert spaces

An ode to friendship
These people are special to me
They showed me warmth and heart
In the desert, a part of me will always be
They often pass by
My inner wandering eye
Even as year follow year
Memories are vivid and alive
Will we meet again?
Time will show
Where ever the story goes
This I do know
Should our paths never cross again
The sun still shines on days to come
Because friendships like this
Will continue on

Inside me…

8 Replies to “Friendships in the Desert”

  1. Beautiful heartwarming words…and what an incredible photo πŸ™‚


    • Seonaid, thank you! It took me quite some time to write it, there was so much I wanted to say. I’m happy some of the heart came across. This photo is among my favorites from the desert. I spent a lot of time just looking at the view until I was able to walk into it πŸ™‚


  2. […] it wasn’t for this; I wouldn’t have met the incredible people in Midreshet Ben-Gurion: Friendships in the Desert a big part of what made it an amazing […]


  3. paranoiasnfm says:

    Wonderful! ❀


  4. Vera says:

    what a pleasure to read such sincere, simple yet wise words Hanne!
    and this beautiful photo shines into the heart.


    • Vera! Thank you so much for your warm hearted comment!
      I’m grateful you enjoy visiting me here πŸ™‚ I hope we’ll catch up again one day, here on the emerald isle or in Israel or perhaps somewhere else πŸ™‚


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