Up among the clouds


Many-layered stories
Many-layered perspectives
Many-layered personalities
Many-layered realities

One truth…
Is there such a thing?


7 Replies to “Many-layered”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    I love your black & white photo
    I love the deserts you love
    I love your words
    I love your question
    … and may I say that…
    I love you
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Your friend FGM 🙂


  2. No such thing at all….only millions of truths shining out of our minds and into our shared world. Some truths however have a louder voice than others!


    • I like the part of the million truths that shines out of your mind and into the world! 🙂
      Are those louder voices meaning, something seems to have a stronger truth in itself or do you mean someone believing they know the truth and speaks very very loud? lol!


  3. Cnawan Fahey says:

    The logician in me would like to gently suggest that, if we take your poem as a syllogism, then perhaps the conclusion to be drawn is that truth is also many-layered. And so any apparent disagreement is due only to people focusing upon different layers of truth. If we could get people on to the same layer, disputes would dissolve. Just a thought. Beautiful poem! Love your work.


    • The next question that arises is, which layer of truth is the one for all to be on?
      I’m fascinated by how different realities we are all walking in and what ‘truth’ looks like to all these different layers off realities. I do have a sense there are moments when everyone meets, beyond gender, culture, color or beliefs. In music. In art. Where truth is not spoken and set in stone, yet something profound is sensed and felt that creates ripples of resonance.
      There is a strong tendency to convince others about our own reality and truth is the ‘right’ one. I agree with you, apparent disagreement then arises. Disputes might dissolve, if we learn to accept, not necessarily agree, but accept, being curious and even appreciate the diversity of ways, truths and realities. We are all the same, yet different. A paradox. Truth perhaps is just that. A paradox. A mystery. It will never be known. Perhaps it will be sensed…
      Cnawan, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It’s deeply appreciated!


  4. I’m glad we got that sorted! lol!
    aawww, (that’s a viking blushing) Thank you… !


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