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A Fragment

  We can only see A fragment of what’s perceived As reality ~


Dreaming Phoenix

  On a different timeline My dreams was lost to black and white A phoenix with a broken wing Rapidly loosing height I was on the edge One could smell The sordid ashes From an inner burning hell A solitary dreamer About to burst Could I be reborn Or was


  Being here There is no ‘there’ ~ Weekly Photo Challenge Dreamy




  Ice Creating The illusion The river Has stopped Its flow ~

Frozen Still

  Even through dark clouds and frozen still Life holds a mystical glow Pointing us in a direction We might sense but rarely know ~

On The Road

  On the road Always moving Towards tales untold ~

Giants Rest


  Note the Vibration Of Hope. Does it set you Free To Embrace the Now? ~

A River Always Finds a Way

  A river always finds a way Under starry nights, through the light of day It will bend and redirect its course Running free and untamed like a wild horse Turning into a quiet mountain stream Only to disappear underground, a distant dream Resurfacing as a thundery waterfall Persistently following

Mystery Abides

Rite of Passage

Silhouette (II)

  In this majestic place A pristine North Dusk and dawn becomes one Bringing deep resonance forth A lava church of nature Rising from the seabed To this I humbly bow Life’s untouched calm silhouette ~ Kirkjufell, Grundarfjörður, Iceland Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

The Five Elements

Keeping Watch

A Saga Untold

  A saga untold About to unfold Freedoms roar Dragons soar A völva’s gaze Cutting through the haze Golden snake uncurls Protecting the Earth Silent creation No separation The language of the elements Spoken with eloquence Mankind forgets We are no-one, and yet… A mystery; never born Does the rose

A Kiss

                        A kiss is flying on Northern winds Circling the earth quietly watching the timeless birth of faraway planets and stars among them the proud warrior Mars tirelessly standing guard over the silent dance of Alcor and Mizar You

One Shot, Two Ways (II)

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

One Shot, Two Ways (I)

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background (I)

Iceland in the Background…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (II)

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