Tag: Iceland


  Whispers linger In the quiet morning air Fairies and mountain elves I sense their gentle care Whispers linger In the quiet morning air Untold tales Of loss and despair Whispers linger In the morning air We can tread lightly If we care to dare ~

Blue Tunes Fill the Mountain Room

Drops of White

Purple Peace

Same Difference


  Many paths to take Much appears to be at stake Only one rings true ~

No Drama

Rolling Clouds

She of Quiet Streams

  She of quiet streams Weaving simple dreams Of endings and new beginnings An eternal dance Natures infinite romance ~

Mountain Palette

  Mountain palette A subtle colorful display Of Life’s multiple facets Do we truly choose our way? A moment of still Before moving forth To an unknown rhythm Heading North ~

Changing Horizons

  Changing horizons Clouds and streams moving through dreams Quiet light shines through ~

Off The Beaten Track

  A change in the wind Untapped life stirring within Off the beaten track ~

Clipped Wings

  Clipped wings Facing rough winds Dark fire Broken lyre Haunting tunes Grieving natures misfortune When mankind marched on Depriving life’s pure song For his own good Something he sorely misunderstood ~


Many Shades of Blue

  Many shades of blue Each a link to what we know to be somewhat true ~



So It Seems

  Drifting separately Or so it seems Unaware that everything is connected By the space in between ~

You Are

  You are as free As you allow Your dreaming to be ~

Dreaming and Drifting

  Dreaming and drifting Returning home to a place I had never left


A Different Sphere

  Listening To the howl of the wild Absorbing A glaciers blue light Fading Into mountain strong Sensing The winds solitary song Quietly And light-footed she disappears Touching A different sphere ~

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