Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings


Clipped wings
Facing rough winds
Dark fire
Broken lyre
Haunting tunes
Grieving natures misfortune
When mankind marched on
Depriving life’s pure song
For his own good
Something he sorely misunderstood


8 Replies to “Clipped Wings”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    awe-inspiring, very impressive! I’m touched by these mountains… they are like two sisters… broken lyre… oh, for sure, yours is not!!!

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    • The mountains touched me too, I like that you see two sisters. Quite beautiful.
      I was deeply puzzled by the words that came out of the image for me. It wrote itself. It started with the words clipped wings by looking at the mountain to the left, it did look, to me, like almost a statue, the silhouette of an eagle sitting with folded wings…
      Broken lyre, it’s interesting, how each time I’ve written a poem, I wonder if there will ever be another pouring through… I think it good, in some ways it keeps me in a state of innocent honest and humble surprise towards it.
      Thank you always for your lovely comment, Frédéric!


  2. What a strange configuration on top of the mountain on the left. Maybe you picked up on some melodrama that these mountains witnessed?


    • Annette! So sorry, only now did I see that I never got back to reply to your comment. There are so many strange places in Iceland, and particularly looking at this photo I got that sense of how pure the earth and the animals it inhabits are and how unkind we treat it all, even each other at times…


  3. paranoiasnfm says:

    Wonderful! 🙂


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