I Remember



I remember
This road
I remember
Climbing the tree
Sitting exhilarated
In its canopy
Looking down
At the mystic rivers steady flow
Warm scents rising up
From the lush undergrowth

I remember
This road
I remember
Quiet whispers from elven tongues
The breeze of fresh air
Filling my lungs
Magical presences
Touching my soul
Embodying curiosity
As a wind-borne foal

I remember
This road
I remember
Union, being one with it all
An utter aliveness
When life was rising tall
Majestic dragons
Soaring visibly in the sky
A heart of innocence
Reflected in blue eyes

I remember
This road
I remember
Purple rivers of love
Flowing through wide veins
United with timeless winds from above
I’m now standing on this road
Frozen in time
Trapped in the maelstrom
Of a human mind

yet, I still remember…


20 Replies to “I Remember”

  1. iosatel says:

    Very beautiful!


  2. Rachael Charmley says:

    So beautiful…


  3. A deeply moving and powerful remembrance. Like a lullaby we must never forget… I feel it in my spirit, Hanne…Just lovely! ❤ Heart Blessings to you, Wild Sister.

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  4. Tish Farrell says:

    As ever, captivating image and words, Hanne. On which note, and you do not have to do this – only if it strikes a chord – I have just nominated you to do the 5 photos 5 stories challenge. There’s no deadline, and the v. simple details are at the bottom of my post: http://tishfarrell.com/2015/05/20/5-photos-5-stories-hidden-wenlock-4/

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  5. Joshua says:

    you move me….thank you Hanne

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  6. I have memories of my childhood, being one with nature like that. And it also strikes me that this “memory” could be from a much earlier time in humanity….hauntingly beautiful poem, Hanne.

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    • When I wrote this poem all sorts of memories from childhood and up till this day flooded me and yes, from much earlier times too… thank you much for this immensely beautiful comment, Annette.

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  7. Semaj Newman says:

    Hi Hanne…where is the road?


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