'Web Of Raindrops'

Solitudes Colliding forming Raindrop Constellations (II)



Under the drizzling Burren sky
They reached the cave
He leaned comfortably
Against the large wet rock
Creating a dark entrance
To an underworld of mysteries
He had only met in dreams
Where the god of another world
Had woken from his slumber
And demanded the three entrances
Between the underworld and this world
Restored with new golden portals
Only he could build

A little further away
Surrounded by trees
And moss covered limestone rocks
She kneeled down on the bare ground
Words that had flowed effortlessly
Seized and faded
Into a quiet rustling of the leaves, touched
By July’s gentle breeze
A sweet moist scent arose
From the lush undergrowth
The air filled
With the soothing sound
Of a distant stream
A solitary eagle circled silently
On majestic wings
As she dissappeared into
All that she was
Orchestrating the elements
From a stillness embodied by her being
And forgotten worlds
Shone like a force of nature
Through strong blue eyes
A mythical light
Too fierce
For a mortal
To look upon for long
Lest he would be blinded
And the heart break
Into shattered pieces
And a life once familiar
Would come to an end

From a primal source
In the deep eternal inner
A tune arose
Vibrating in her throat
Deep minor notes
Sounding through closed lips
Everything around her appeared to stop
Even the leaves
In their gentle dance
As the breeze died down
And stole time away with it
Solitudes collided
A tapestry of clear crystal colours
Formed raindrop constellations
That would make even the stars
Tremble in envy

The moment faded
And crumbled in and around itself
He quietly asked
She lowered her gaze
Hesitated for a moment
And when she once again looked up
Her eyes glazed over
Turned grey like the sky above them
All she could say was;
I was home


2 Replies to “Solitudes Colliding forming Raindrop Constellations (II)”

  1. D! says:

    these are very interesting, like a deco for some SF film

    Liked by 1 person

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