'Winter Web'

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'Winter Web'

Winter in the Burren (II)

Curtain Fall (I)

  Last call, curtain fall Inevitability Something to Nothing ~

Curtain Fall (II)

  What’s hidden behind Is never to be revealed Transparency’s depths ~

Curtain Fall (III)

  Fragile morning dew Resting in the cradle hour Before creation ~

Curtain Fall (IV)

'Poets Marbles'

Not of This World Alone (III)

  Epilogue Some secrets Are not hidden Because they are too dark But because they are too bright Instead, as the light of a Burren blue moon Reflects the light of our closest star So does an Irish summers drop of rain Quietly mirror a She Who is not of

'Web Of Raindrops'

Solitudes Colliding forming Raindrop Constellations (II)

  Under the drizzling Burren sky They reached the cave He leaned comfortably Against the large wet rock Creating a dark entrance To an underworld of mysteries He had only met in dreams Where the god of another world Had woken from his slumber And demanded the three entrances Between

'The Alchemy Of Vulnerability' #1

The Grid (I)

  Prologue The Great Grandmother sits At the source of creation Weaving a grid of paths crossing Reflected in the short-lived moment Of a raindrop held gently in her web Once in a while The sacred mystery Of her many daughters is revealed Before they evaporate Like raindrops under a

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