'Poets Marbles'

Not of This World Alone (III)




Some secrets
Are not hidden
Because they are too dark
But because they are too bright
Instead, as the light of a Burren blue moon
Reflects the light of our closest star
So does an Irish summers drop of rain
Quietly mirror a She
Who is not of this world alone.


7 Replies to “Not of This World Alone (III)”

  1. smmartwerkz says:

    amazing capture, the droplets almost look like diamonds in a web, fragile as they hold on as for dear life

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  2. D! says:

    can you be seen in the sharp drop?

    I am longing for a raindrop. even one would do. for now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. your study of drops is beautiful. your poetry profound

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