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We Are (II)

We Are (I)

  Early morning mist in the Burren. Taken a while back, in the winter months. I was driving on my way to somewhere. I probably ended up being late. But I had to stop. As I often do. This time because of a field of raindrops glittering in the morning

Raindrops and Sunbeams (III)

  There is a new smile in my heart You put it there.

Raindrops and Sunbeams (II)

Raindrops and Sunbeams (I)


Abstraction of Light (VII)

  When the sky is gloomy And tears fall heavy I wipe them not away Through my blurred lens I see a stubborn beauty Still stands its ground I see the abstraction of light Still dances to its own mystical rhythm And I see the wild of a horse’s spirit

Abstraction of Light (VI)

Abstraction of Light (V)

  Abstraction of Light Love; a force to be reckoned Peace the only way ~

Abstraction of Light (III)

Abstraction of Light (II)

It’s a bit Surreal

Curtain Fall (I)

  Last call, curtain fall Inevitability Something to Nothing ~

Curtain Fall (II)

  What’s hidden behind Is never to be revealed Transparency’s depths ~

Curtain Fall (III)

  Fragile morning dew Resting in the cradle hour Before creation ~

Curtain Fall (IV)

Same Lineage

The Alchemy of Vulnerability (III)

  In silence we speak The wind leaving empty-handed Utter transparency In an honest expression The alchemy of vulnerability Piercing thorns Of inevitable love Not yet faded Into the distant dream Of yesterdays ~

'Collecting Memories' #1

The Alchemy of Vulnerability (II)

The Alchemy of Vulnerability (I)

“Here’s Tom With the Weather”

When All Is Said

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