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The King and The Queen

'Poets Marbles'

Not of This World Alone (III)

  Epilogue Some secrets Are not hidden Because they are too dark But because they are too bright Instead, as the light of a Burren blue moon Reflects the light of our closest star So does an Irish summers drop of rain Quietly mirror a She Who is not of

'Web Of Raindrops'

Solitudes Colliding forming Raindrop Constellations (II)

  Under the drizzling Burren sky They reached the cave He leaned comfortably Against the large wet rock Creating a dark entrance To an underworld of mysteries He had only met in dreams Where the god of another world Had woken from his slumber And demanded the three entrances Between

'The Alchemy Of Vulnerability' #1

The Grid (I)

  Prologue The Great Grandmother sits At the source of creation Weaving a grid of paths crossing Reflected in the short-lived moment Of a raindrop held gently in her web Once in a while The sacred mystery Of her many daughters is revealed Before they evaporate Like raindrops under a

Irish Summer


And the Clouds Held Up a Mirror

Poets Marbles (V)

  Words evaporating Under the glaring sun Waiting For another rainy day ~

'No Religion'

Poets Marbles (IV)

  I’m a wanderer In my heart and in spirit Walking silent paths ~

Poets Marbles (III)

  Questioning Wondering Pondering The known And the unknown On the brink Of a new poem Words leading somewhere With a new line or rhyme Strong images Or subtle hints Yet lingering In the background An unspeakable sense Of no-one and nothing Is going anywhere ~

Poets Marbles (II)

  Poets marbles Reflections Of vast and infinite Inner worlds Enchanted worlds Lost worlds And new worlds To come ~

Poets Marbles (I)

  Poets marbles A highway of thoughts Creating galaxies And foreign solar systems Carefully lining them up Subtlety aware Of the invisible forces And the spaces in between Of hidden treasures In the shadows Of the intangible unseen ~

Getting Away

  Myriad of thoughts One is getting away, just I wonder where to ~

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