E Minor

Outdoor Piano lessons 1 I

13 Replies to “E Minor”

  1. Wonderful! (reminds me of: jardin d’email by Jean Dubuffet…)


  2. Wow, stunning in its starkness!


  3. iosatel says:

    Fantastic image!


  4. Tish Farrell says:

    Yes, as greenmackenzie says, the starkness is indeed remarkable. But then on another level it is like an abstract painting, and the starkness then becomes more contemplative. Either way, a fascinating composition, Hanne.


    • I would never have found that word myself and it truly does resonate with the photo and then with your words, the ‘music’ I heard in it was more abstract and contemplative. Thank you Tish, for your reflections on this photo. It is appreciated.

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  5. Cyan Ryan says:

    Surreal and beautiful! And how cool, it looks like cell-shading computer art!


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