"Luka Bloom 2021"

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"Luka Bloom 2021"

“Luka Bloom 2021”

“Luka Bloom 2021”

I am grateful my lens was invited along on this journey of tunes from Luka Blooms newest album ‘Out of the Blue’ launched in March 2021. Both for the cover of the album and on a photoshoot with the man himself and his guitar.

Winter (IV)

Snow in the Burren is as beautiful as it is rare.

Winter (III)

Morning light and long shadows…

We Are (I)

  Early morning mist in the Burren. Taken a while back, in the winter months. I was driving on my way to somewhere. I probably ended up being late. But I had to stop. As I often do. This time because of a field of raindrops glittering in the morning

There Will Be Flowers (I)

At the foot of Mullaghmore, the Burren.

And the Gods Painted the Sky (IV)

  Follow me, she said And the Gods painted the sky I leaped into dreams ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (III)

  Fleeting empty thoughts And the Gods painted the sky Quiet clouds drifting ~

And the Gods Painted the Sky (II)

  The Sun was shining And the Gods painted the sky The colours of Life ~

The Land of Horses (II)

The Land of Horses (I)

Smoking Mountains

Resting Clouds

E Minor

Desert Carvings

February Moon

  A foreign sound touching ancient Burren ground February Moon listening to a didgeridoo The wind let go opening wide Life’s One sacred soul    

Photo Journal of a Day (IX)


Photo Journal of a Day (II)


Catching The Waves And The Wild (VI)


Catching The Waves And The Wild (V)


Catching The Waves And The Wild (IV)

The roaring Sea it’s like music to me…        

Masterpiece (I)

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

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