I have taken a leap…!

‘Mountain Wave’ Iceland

For all of you who have followed my love for photography over the years, who have encouraged me over and over again and who have seen how my work has developed since many moons ago, I am thrilled to announce that my photography now will be available to purchase and not just to see on a screen.

I haven’t made a big blast of it. I like quiet and steady. However, I have been working tremendously hard behind the scenes. It’s been brewing for years but inspired by the still of lock-downs during Covid I found myself slowly acting on ideas and building up a small range of products during those months, and when I was ready I registered and launched myself as self-employed sole trader.

I have been happy to do the many jobs I have had over the years and I’ve met wonderful people along the way some who have become friends creating a strong foundation for my life in Co. Clare. It is though now time for a little more solitary piece of work where I am to focus and dedicate my heart and my time to my art which is expressed through photography and my sense of the beauty of the natural world.

I hope you will continue to follow me on this new route, and maybe even seeing something that makes you wish to support my work along the way.

Thank you, with gratitude


2 Replies to “I have taken a leap…!”

  1. jack Brennan says:

    Congratulations. You will be successful.
    You deserve great success. Tell me if I can help

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