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A Saga Untold

  A saga untold About to unfold Freedoms roar Dragons soar A völva’s gaze Cutting through the haze Golden snake uncurls Protecting the Earth Silent creation No separation The language of the elements Spoken with eloquence Mankind forgets We are no-one, and yet… A mystery; never born Does the rose

Contrast (II)

  Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

In the Space Between Diversity

  On a bronze mountains dry shelves A little part of Earths story dwells A wonder for our feet to walk upon A sound of silence, a resonant song Don’t we also to this belong; In the space between diversity Aren’t we all one? ~

Different Paths

  Walking down different paths Yet, moving in the same direction Recognizing ourselves In nature and each others reflection ~


Through the Wadi

Blue Abstraction

  This photo of mine was given a beautiful poem by an incredibly talented writer: Magic Blue. By CpSingleton © 2014 Over the mountains deep and blue, To our kingdom in the sky. Hand in hand, just me and you. Or is it you and I? Up within the clouds

Mountain Blue

  Dedicated to this blue marble we call Earth. Not just today. Every day. ~

Mountain Silence

Cape of Colors

Threshold I

  Snow-capped mountains Walking on the edge On both sides the abyss Watching my steaming breath Touching the snow With bare sensitive hands Listening to my heart And it’s fiery demands Cool mountain breeze Caressing my naked soul Soaring towards limitless skies On a threshold; dreams exposed ~ WPC –

Conmhaícne Mara

  Mountain strength Ancient tongue People of the sea To this county belong Tranquil Fjord Yet shadows dwell Descendants of the hound son Lived through famine from hell Weaving through the cycle of life Clear streams forever flow Gentle and prudent hands Planting new seeds to grow ~

Mullaghmore Reflection II

  Mullaghmore Reflecting Life’s poetic core ~

Turloughmore Mountain (III)

Turloughmore Mountain (II)

Turloughmore Mountain (I)

Blue Hour (II)

  Mullagmore, The Burren.  

Desert Shadow

  Who are we in contrast to our shadow?   “The colorful Arava Mountains stretches behind me as far as my eyes can see. A subtle yet deeply familiar sensation awakens in me, a sensation I throughout the years have come to trust. How will it be to walk from

One Shot, Two Ways (III)

  I never tire of stepping back into the desert, even if just in spirit… In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

One Shot, Two Ways (II)

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Masterpiece (II)

Mullaghmore a masterpiece of subtle mysteries Calling gently from its ancient core Listen your spirit’s asking permission to soar In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

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