Hanne’s Cottage

Dear everyone

So much have been happening behind the scenes. I’ve been a little duck with very busy legs and I am now ready to spread my wings and share the result with the world. I think I with good reason can add web designer to my CV now as well as artist/photographer.

I have allowed myself a little window of a few days to be a little proud and quite excited. Because. I have just launched my new website for ‘Hanne’s Cottage’ yesterday. Accommodation in the Caher Valley in the Burren, Co. Clare.

When You Have a Burren Heart – Copyright Hanne T. Fisker Photography

Please visit Hanne’s Cottage website www.hannescottage.com
All photography and content is homemade.

There are beautiful galleries of the cottage, the nature and the surrounding scenery which is nothing less but breathtaking.

It is a dream come true and it is a beautiful way to support another love of mine; my art and photography. Speaking of which; ‘Hanne’s Cottage’ will have my work on the walls. It will become with time like staying in a photography gallery. Everything can be purchased directly off the walls.

Rooms in Hanne’s Cottage is available for bookings from last week (!). Please request through the form on the website:


Share wide and far.
Word of mouth.
No airbnb and no bookingsdotcom


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