Burren Path

Burren Path
Available as an A5 size (21cm x 15 cm) museum quality archival print in a solid oak frame of sustainable wood w/ art glass and acid free mount size 29cm x 23 cm. Print and framing sourced from independent Irish businesses. Final signing and framing in my Burren home, Co. Clare.

Our lives are woven by paths. Many of them. Moving through life, one foot in front of the other. Sometimes the paths create quite a maze. Although some paths are straightforward others are rather mystical. Some paths are crossing one another, maybe several times or they’re seemingly doubling back on themselves yet each time it is still a new path, a new moment, even if it more feels like a two step back… Yet, it is not. There is never a going back. Not on these paths of life. And of death. Some paths are winding their way up steep slopes and mountains and others descending down through warm sheltered valleys. There’ll be rain and thunder and storms and still and sunshine and gentle breezes caressing your being. Sometimes you’ll be holding hands with another along the way, sometimes you must walk the path alone. Some paths comes to an abrupt end and all you can do is to stop. And sit with it for a while. And listen. And let it go. One day you pick up another path, maybe somewhere entirely different from what you had imagined or even hoped for. Maybe the new path is not what you wanted, or thought you wanted, but it was what life wanted for you and from you and there’s little point in arguing with the deeper current of life that is running through your veins, soul and spirit. Life and its source of aliveness somehow knows. It knows what it wants and when and it is a good rule of heart to get out of its way and let it guide you. It won’t always make sense. Yet trust it anyway, even if the scenery is unrecognisable, sometimes frightening, yet somehow perhaps, ever so strangely familiar. It is never an easy path. No paths ever are for the whole length of them. However one day you might look back and realise, wow, I was so meant for this path! This is me (whatever ‘me’ is). This is my element. This is home. Thanks to be life there was no other way, although you tried. And when I write ‘you’, I of course relate to ‘this one writing these words, but I thought it might resonate with you too. Maybe at least some of the way. Maybe we even walked together for a few miles or more…

And here I am. Walking along a Burren path. Holding hands. Never would I have imagined. And the paths leading up to this point are many and today I am grateful I walked them all. Also the detours because even they were playing their part in being where I am today, in the Burren. Being home. The Burren is as much a space as it is a place and it is also a feeling, sharpening your senses and sensitivity. It is timeless. It is poetry and songs, subtleties, stories and stillness.

This image is taken from a beautiful fairy fort not far from Ballyvaughan and the Burren College of Art where I will be Thursday evening the 19th for a really special treat. Please see below.


A few things to announce today:

  • I will be at the Burren College of Art on Thursday 19th May for my good friend Luka Bloom’s concert where he primarily will be performing songs from his beautiful instrumental album ‘out of the blue’ alongside Jon O’Connell and Adam Shapiro. Presented by Cuppa TV. It will be a special night of tunes and songs and I might have a few photographs with me on the night too, maybe even the one above… !
  • And something completely different, yet it’s all connected. How about a quiet cottage retreat in the Burren? I am in the process of preparing my Burren home and creating a website regarding rooms available to be booked for summer or autumn time off the grid holiday accommodation. If this has any interest, please get in touch by email on mail@htfisker.com and I’ll forward all info on a pdf and answer any enquiries you might have. Doors should be ready to open from the start / mid of June.
  • The image above is available as a museum quality archival print in size A5 in a beautiful handmade solid sustainable oak frame with art glass (non reflective, so you can see the image in sunlight too) and acid free mount. Print and framed locally sourced and final framing in my home in Co. Clare.
    It is also available as a print only size A4 or A3.

    What others say:
    “For me, Hanne’s art captures the dramatic and evocative nature of Clare landscapes whilst creating a sense of subtlety and calmness. She has such a skill to capture this range of feelings! I love to gift Hanne’s images with their simple, elegant frames to family and friends so that they can also experience this beautiful art in their homes”
    Michelle Keavey

2 Replies to “Burren Path”

  1. The photography here is stunning, it draws the viewer in, pure magic here!!! Amazing

    Liked by 1 person

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