“That’s a wrap”

2022 was a year of giving my all and everything to my dreams. My dreams had been patient. And they hadn’t given up on me. This year their time had finally come and was expressed through my photography art and through ‘Hanne’s Cottage’, beautifully linked. (There are more dreams and I hope they will be patient with me too. Their time will also come. That is my intention.)

It has been amazing! And it has of course been very challenging too. It is not always smooth sailing and it demands incredible focus and at times some serious heavy lifting and lots of coffee getting your dreams off the ground as a sole trader in the most literal meaning of the word. Sole. Trader. Artist.

I don’t know if I have gotten anything off the ground. Yet.

However, I do know I am exactly where I need to be and where I am called to be. And that in and of itself is enough. It is enough.

Once I was a nomad. I learned a good few things on the road (haha, that sounds so Irish) which still rings true to this day in writing: ‘know where to be when and the rest will follow’. It was the best roadmap I have ever been given. It guided me home. Within and without.

Although these dreams in many ways are a solitary piece of work it would not BE without you; physical friends, online friends, business-related friends and friends of friends. Thank you. I mean it. For every photographic prints and frame, for putting down a wooden floor in the guest room in Hanne’s Cottage, for positive words, for encouragement, for spreading the word, for sharing and for caring. Thank you.

Happy Yuletide. Glædelig Jul.

From Hanne and the fluffster aka as Her Ladyship. Still the boss.


N.B. Due to all sorts of things happening behind the scenes in the world of the arts, there will be a price increase from January 2023 on archival prints and framed archival prints. For current prices, please place your order before 1st January 2023.

4 Replies to ““That’s a wrap””

  1. BRENNAN JOHN says:

    Have a happy and successful 2023


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  2. Andrew Seal says:

    Wishing you all the very best for 2023 Hanne

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