Contrast (I)

Abstract Contrast


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

6 Replies to “Contrast (I)”

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Wow! You know, I’ve seen a tv scientific program about the “M-Theory”, something very complicated about the nature of reality… your picture would illustrate it very well. Fields of energy… thank you Hanne!


    • wow Frédéric that’s a wonderful comment because what truly matters to me with my photography is the fields of energy and be able to let that shine through a photo. A good photo for me only happens when I truly feel and sense the energy of a place. This place had such an impact on me that the energy lingered inside for days after and still now when I look at both the contrast photos.
      Thank you for this comment that made me reflect and think deeper upon what I’m trying to express.


      • F.G.M. says:

        I’m happy you found my comment so interesting, so Hanne here is a link about the “M-Theory”
        of course it is complicated (by the way the vocabulary has inspired me a poem about the M-Theory). “the fields of energy and be able to let that shine through a photo”, yes, you’re able to see them and make them vsible, which is a wonderful gift!!!


  2. Monet, anyone? 🙂 Cool.



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