No. 437

This immensely beautiful poem by CpSingleton is sitting alongside a photo of mine, I am much honored! Be sure to check out his wide range of writing. Truly inspiring!

Author, C A Middleton

photo credit:

You are my queen, dear blue.
Not a monarch to sit under and
Avoid the gaze.
A queen of serene beauty

A wise guide of
Gentle walks through
Meditation’s twittering forest.
Life’s breath and
Glorious scents
At your command.

A call to my spring step as
I race along the shore,
Dipping toe and feet
Into freezing brine,
Laughter bouncing freely
From rock and pebble.
A soft sand to fall on to
To catch a breath.

You are a sun-soaked stop by
Clear diamond water.
A hand to scoop
The tingling refreshment
Onto soft cheeks,
To awaken memories and
The happiest glands of
Picnics past.

You are the earth
In its original design.
No pain of blade
To slit the gift given
Into scarlet droplets of
Resent and sorrow.

A rousing dawn chorus,
Within the dew crystalline
Carpet of a soft green field.

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2 Replies to “No. 437”

  1. paranoiasnfm says:

    Beautiful landscape!


  2. Anncharlotte Vindt says:

    Kære Hanne.

    Håber jeg rammer dig på denne adresse. Din far og jeg ønsker dig hjertelig tillykke med fødselsdagen. Vi ved jo ikke om du er i Irland eller Island. Men håber du får en god dag.

    Kærlig hilsen Din far og A. C.


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