Misty Mountain Reflection

9th of April 2013 019

9th of April 2013 020

24 Replies to “Misty Mountain Reflection”

  1. seeker says:

    Very reflective once the mist lifted. Grand.


  2. Hanne – where are your photos taken. Since you tagged them with “Iceland” I assume you live there? Which part of Iceland?


    • The latest ones are from Iceland. I don’t live here, but I’m a wanderer and now and again my feet brings me back to this spectacular place, one of the places I feel absolutely at home besides the home I carry inside…


  3. Dina says:

    Beautiful, as beautiful can be.


  4. Harrie says:

    Hi. I started with ‘a click’ on this one while visiting another blog. And then I got lost in all your beautiful photo’s. I especially like the silence and the rough, empty spaces. Thanks for sharing and see you.


    • Wonderful to have you visiting, Harrie and thank you for taking your time to get lost! Silences and rough empty spaces is exquisite places to be, probably why my feet keeps taking me to those places, it’s places of timelessness to me and calls out the paradox of feeling empty and thereby whole…


  5. Anonymous says:

    Just beautiful!


  6. tgeriatrix says:

    Just georgeous!


  7. Hanne, you made my day with those wonderful comments on my blog and the discovery of yours and the radiant soul behind it.


    • Malcolm, thank you very much for this kind and encouraging comment! I truly appreciate your posts and your way of viewing some big and complicated topics in a very clear and profound way (with much less words than I, some rambling replies on your posts, hope you can navigate your way through them)


  8. mithriluna says:

    Oh wow. Gorgeous.


  9. cd1972 says:

    Wow, what a great place!


  10. Great photos, but I think I like the first one the best.


  11. F.G.M. says:

    Wow! I love pictures with reflections, moutains, and misty landscapes. So, I LOVE definitevely your picture. πŸ™‚ Merci encore πŸ™‚


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