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Foreshadow (I)

A nomad wandering on Inis Mor gazing across the sea towards the distant shore unaware soon a simple tune will open the long-awaited magical door To read the story, please click here: Know to be In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The orange, blue and white stripe painted on the rock is the sign saying: “you are right on track” Marking the Shvil Yisra’el. 1½ month wandering following these signs through the Negev and Arava Desert from Dimona to Eilat was as surreal as the photos might suggest…

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background (I)

Iceland in the Background…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (II)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern (I)

Mountain High

Misty Mountain Reflection

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (III)

April colors of Iceland…

Cloud Reflections From Above

Quiet Mountain Reflection

and then came the duck…

Quiet Morning Reflections

Dreaming Iceland

Curious about my dreaming, please read my post on my other site Art of eX’istence : Iceland’s Calling My Being

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