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Looking Into The Sky

After Rain


  Lake Tahoe area, Nevada. Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


No. 321

Originally posted on Author, C A Middleton:
Photo credit:http://htfisker.com another fantastic picture to sit alongside my humble words! Don’t forget to check out Hanne’s blog… A Sonnet for the Twilight World. By CpSingleton © 2014 Into the twilight world we go, we go. Our eyes are wide with awe. Following…

Mullaghmore Reflection III

  Mullaghmore A Dreamers door To myths and magic The great unknown Mystery’s invisible shore ~

Mullaghmore Reflection II

  Mullaghmore Reflecting Life’s poetic core ~

Mullaghmore Reflection I

Butterfly Reflection

  Natures quiet creation Inspiring our imagination Subtle blue sky The touch of a butterfly Bringer of transformation Life’s natural abrasion ~ WPC: Reflections

A Small Reflection in the Grander Tapestry of Life


  Reflections Life’s quiet projections A change in the wind Creating ripples within Momentarily Blurring the perception Of all things connection Versatile temperaments The force of the elements Running deep in us all Listen to the call Remembrance We are nature too If only we knew ~

Reflections on Perspective

Looking deep Into a boundless lake Of existence Of being Of life’s ache What do you see? Perspectives spinning What stories within Are winning? Is the sky blue Behind and underneath the clouds? Is the world turned upside down? Does it make you believe You are about to drown? Or

A Kiss

                        A kiss is flying on Northern winds Circling the earth quietly watching the timeless birth of faraway planets and stars among them the proud warrior Mars tirelessly standing guard over the silent dance of Alcor and Mizar You

Foreshadow (I)

A nomad wandering on Inis Mor gazing across the sea towards the distant shore unaware soon a simple tune will open the long-awaited magical door To read the story, please click here: Know to be In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

The World Through Your Eyes (I)

What new stories are waiting in the mist? What unknown land to walk upon under the rising sun? What dreams untold are about to unfold? How deep does your stillness reach before it breaches the waters of soul?   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge

Do We Know?

  Reflecting upon the world I wonder do we really know what is up and what is down? Looking out on the world busy being busy Does it hurt to be still and to look with innocence once again?

Misty Mountain Reflection

Cloud Reflections From Above

Quiet Mountain Reflection

and then came the duck…

Quiet Morning Reflections

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