Tag: Winter

Winter Has Arrived

  There are two ways to tell winter has arrived, besides the cold winds. The size of the waves and that I have returned to the edge between land and sea of Co. Clare with my camera. It’s been a long time coming. A bit rusty but oh the joy…!

Isa (II)

Isa (I)

  Winter leaf of ice The fragility of form Inevitable change ~

Winter Twilight in the Burren

Winter in the Burren (I)

Winter Glow

  Winter glow Longer days Are drawing nearer Perhaps too Our inner sight Will become clearer As we transition From dark to light May the mystery of darkness Become a resting place The yin and yang Of our souls Connecting inner and outer space Spinning perspectives On our existence To

Winter Storm (V)

Winter Storm (IV)

Winter Storm (III)

Winter Storm (II)

Winter Storm (I)

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