Grunge – Robin; “*The Wind Bloweth Where It Listeth” (I)

I am attracted to imperfect and unpolished photography. Photography with some grit and grain. A bit raw, a bit solitary. Photography as a stillpoint in the eye of a turbulent world. Sometimes quite abstract and sometimes like this next series of photographs, with a grungy touch to them. It happens this style makes my photography being referred to as paintings. I kind of like that too. My camera simultaneously the lens and the paintbrush with which I aspire to capture the world as I see it.

Usually my photographs are without colours, but on some occasions, as when a robin passes by, there’s no way I can convey its uniqueness without showing its universally loved and recognisable red chest.

It was freezing cold and the air full of whirling snowflakes. Some settled on the ground and collectively created a thick layer of white, others whirled on, sideways, towards unknown destinations… A closer look on the robins feathers, you can see even they got ‘airlifted’ a bit. Several times I had to go out and break the ice for the birds to drink. Yesterday it was like a train station of winged visitors and one excessively cute creature… to be seen in following posts.


While you’re here…
– If you see any of my photographs you would like to have printed as an eco-friendly A5 card/small image to frame, let me know in the comment box below and I will look further into it next time I order.
– Also know, with every purchase of my photography, you will be supporting an animal rescue. For the month of February it will go to Burren Animal Rescue. They need a new tractor, since their old one ‘Davy’ has retired, to lift hay for the 17 donkeys, 32 horses, 4 pigs, and 5 sheep in their care.

*John 3:8 (I feel no connection with any religion or belief system whatsoever, but this quote popped into my head as I was writing this post and I found it very fitting)

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