Letting Go

Keeping An Ear On Things

Gentle Awareness

Traces Of Time

Thoughts Drifting

Hiding… almost.

Obscure (III)

Obscure (II)

Obscure (I)

Free Falling

Running Upstream

There’s white horse in this photograph, do you see it too?

Pertinent (II)

Pertinent (I)

Wild Goats Of The Burren #3

The last photographs from a mesmerising day surrounded by these wild goats of the Burren and in particular this male intrigued and impressed me and still does as I look at the photographs now. Such presence, such strong expressions…

Wild Goats Of The Burren #2

Captivated by the stare of the wild goats of the Burren. Revealing nothing whilst staying calm, curious and cool.

Wild Goats Of The Burren #1

If there’s one thing I love as much as capturing wild seascapes it is to look into the eyes of animals, tame or wild and see if I can capture a little snippet of their nature and animal spirit through my lens… I met this herd of wild goats on

Photography Exhibition – “Water Stories”

“A photograph is a song. The photographer’s voice is in her eye. Sometimes Hanne’s eye casts a soft light in darker places, and other times the light is blinding. Hanne’s photographs remind me how great it is, to be alive. They are pure poetry, with no need for words. And

Still Here

A Need To Explore (II)

A Need To Explore (I)

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