My Friend The Winged One – The Gift Of Trust

So this is how you clean your feathers and bath in the rays of the early summer’s sun. I hadn’t known this friendly winged one for long before it displayed the utmost trust by making itself entirely vulnerable in my presence by splaying itself on the ground like this, trusting me enough to go about its midday routine of personal hygiene.

Trust can move mountains. Trust can bring us present to the now. Trust can give space to the breath we’ve held too tight for too long. Trust in others and trust within ourselves of a certain way in the world that might not necessarily be neither understood nor supported by the skeptic, or the “I’m just being realistic” type of expressions. The skeptic and the being realistic has it’s place, no doubt, but it can also at times be so very limiting.

Trust has been my guiding star. And despite of having lost sight of it many a time, life nevertheless in so many ways and forms and no-forms reflected back to me this trust. Today and every day since that sunny day in June I see it reflected in the form of a young robin. This robin is not more special than any other robins, but it is to me, because it trusts me and we have thereby build a bridge between our different worlds where we can connect. It also very wisely knows instinctively not to even try to build that bridge with my fierce hunter cat!

Trust is one of the great gifts we can give each other. In particular when the road ahead looks rocky and uncertain. Trust shows that we believe in someone and that they can handle whatever life might throw at them. That they will find their way. In their own time. We don’t have to understand to give the gift of trust.

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