My friend the winged one

Winter went, spring happened, a whole lot of other things happened, and then June arrived and in the midst of it all, this beautiful little curious winged one all of a sudden sat on a branch next to me, still with its guardian parent looking after its safety and therefore obviously not at all impressed with not being obeyed, in particular when I had a fierce hunter cat by my side. Nevertheless this little juvenile robin had very little fear and was so very curious and decided that perhaps I could be a friend. As the days went by, it would sit on my shoulder, on my shoe, test my shoelaces, sit in my hair, hanging off my belt or on my back. Everyday since that day in June, it has flown to me whenever I stepped outside. Or it would find the window from where it could look in and see where I was. Now it mostly stays around its own territory, yet it still flies to my hand (if there’s mealworms) and after a bite, it will often jump onto a branch in a bush and serenade me quietly, or close its eyes and rest. Sometimes it will sing at full volume from up high in a tree, strutting its beautiful red chest.

I can’t begin to express how special it is to have this little one saying hello and showing such trust. Every time I hear its calling when I go outside, my heart sings. When I quietly sit and watch it doing its robin thing or listen to its many tunes, the world simply stops and all there is, is just this. Presence called forth by this marvellous little being and I feel such immense gratitude. Every day.

2 Replies to “My friend the winged one”

  1. joshua elias says:

    Re your little winged friend: Extraordinarily beautiful the experience, the chronicling of the experience and the awareness and recognition all gifts. with You Hanne, that is not a surprise

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