Life’s a Majestic Balancing Act


2 Replies to “Life’s a Majestic Balancing Act”

  1. Cyan Ryan says:

    Amazing! I love that wingspan! And the greys of the shore next to the shades of blue of the Atlantic, are very beautiful. Where the crow wings intersect with the shoreline, is very pleasing too, not just the balance of the angles, but the colors. It’s one of my favorite color schemes, the other being blacks, greys and reds… a la lava haha

    Have you given your friendly crow a name, or is that too domestic? A nickname maybe, if he hasn’t given you his name? 🙂

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    • Usually I prefer black and white and I have indeed made this one in black and white as well, however the colours were too amazing to be left out entirely 🙂 Let’s say it’s my little tribute to honour spring…
      No name, I prefer it this way, he is not to be ‘owned’ by a name I think.

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