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  1. Morgan says:


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  2. I’m delighted my crow images inspire such vivid images and tales for you!
    And yes, I know CpSingleton, amazing poet and writer and you’re right, he has in the past found words to sit alongside photographs of mine. It’s a wonderful small world 🙂

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    • Cyan Ryan says:

      Thank you! Below is my progress day 1 of 3, yesterday. I paired this bit of progress with a piece of art I am in the progress of creating yesterday (seen below as well, if you are curious). The pattern so far is similar to the sideways “):” of the green rocks just below the crow in your photo, I just realized! That wasn’t consciously on purpose, it’s meant to symbolize sun and moon and the 12 goddesses of the hours in mythology that mark the Sun’s position in the day, pulling a double shift and marking the hours of night as well, around the solstices when the hours of day and dark are equal in much of the world. It also symbolizes a rosary/garland, and a kind of lattice of history across the sky.

      I will write 7 more lines today, and likely pair my progress with your image this comment thread is on, and if I do I’ll link back to this page! As you can likely see, your image was an influence. On the third day of progress on the sonnet, I will probably share future progress with the art I am working on creating, but maybe I will share both in the same post on day 3.

      “Sonnets From Hush To Hush XXXI (31)”
      by Ry Hakari/Scales

      1) Sun rosary, Moon lilly garland gardens are guarded
      2) in double shifts, as a dozen dove-coven toils
      3) coal-coated crows — Helios’ Horai, Selene troubles
      4) as she gloams with soul-sewn spirit-roan nuptials
      5) in memoriam by Moirai stitched skies, half-hearted
      15) Sun rosary, Moon lilly garland gardens are guarded
      21) in memoriam by Moirai stitched skies, half-hearted


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