Winter Storm (VII)



In solitude I walk
Yet never alone
Storm merging with an inner source
Rain swirls in my veins
Roaring waves; warrior’s cry
Explosion of the sea
Connecting with barren walls
Tension creating portals
To a still space between the stars
The moon tattooed on my soul
An invisible birthmark
So I’ll never forget
The one who dreams

In winter’s storm
In my heart’s solitude
In the low glow of dusk
In the race of white horses
Towards an ancient land
I find myself racing
Along with them
Wavering manes, thundering hooves
A lost echo in my mind
We rear up high
In the depth of their eyes
I see a reflection
Of no one


5 Replies to “Winter Storm (VII)”

  1. […] to hold the camera still. I obviously didn’t succeed and yet these last two photographs of Winter Storm (VII) and (VIII) holds the atmosphere of the moment and I decided to create some extra light that shows […]


  2. Kirsten says:

    Kæft, hvor er det et vildt ‘Vinterstorm 7’, og ‘White Wolf’ . Gid jeg var der…

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  3. To see a way in the water, something surging up from somewhere else…

    Beautiful as always, Hanne.

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